Production Safety System

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Production Safety System



The possible consequences of hazardous situations that may occur on all onshore and offshore production facilities are the same such as : fire or explosion ; land, air and water pollution ; damage to production equipment ; and injury to people or personnel. The goal of a production safety system design is to reduce the risk of the identified hazards to a reasonable level.

The main principles (“Four Principles”) for production safety system design and operation are :

  1. Containing hydrocarbons
  2. Minimizing the chances of ignition
  3. Preventing fire escalation and equipment damage
  4. Providing for personnel protection and escape



After attending this valuable and interesting training, the participants will be able to :

  1. Understand and implement the principles of Production Safety System.
  2. Conduct formal hazard identification and assessment for proper application of the above “Four Principles”.
  3. Conduct safe and proper operation of production equipment and its maintenance as well as all production safety system.



  1. Introduction to RI Government Regulations of HSE Aspects in Oil & Gas Production Operations (On-Shore & Off-Shore)
  2. Introduction to International Recognized Industry Codes, Guidelines, Recommended Practices and Standards in relation with Oil & Gas Production Safety System Design and Operations
  3. Hazard Tree Analysis for Oil & Gas Production Facility
  4. Oil Wells Operations Safety System both Natural Flowing Wells and Artificial Lift Wells include Surface & Sub Surface Safety Systems
  5. Gas Wells Operations Safety System include Surface and Sub Surface Safety Systems
  6. Oil & Gas Flow Lines Operations Safety System
  7. Oil & Gas Manifolds Operations Safety System
  8. Oil & Gas Separators Operations Safety System ; Flare, Vent & Drain, PSV, Rupture Disc Safety Systems
  9. Free Water Knock Out (FWKO) Operations Safety System
  10. Heater Treater Operations Safety System
  11. Gas Scrubber/Gas Boots Operations Safety System
  12. Storage Tanks, Transfer Pumps and Compressors Operations Safety Systems
  13. Case Study, VCD/Film Show, Pre-Course Assessment (Pre-Test) & Post-Course Assessment (Post-Test)



Production Department personnel such as Operators/Technicians/Well Testers, Foremen and Supervisors. Process Engineers, Production Engineers, HSE Officers/Specialists and whoever are interested with ‘Production Safety System’


JADWAL 2015 (Bandung):

  • 10-14 Agustus 2015
  • 14-18 September 2015
  • 19-23 Oktober 2015
  • 9-13 November 2015
  • 14-18 Desember 2015

Atau by request dengan mengirimkan minimal 2 peserta (untuk lokasi Yogyakarta), 3 peserta (untuk lokasi Jakarta dan Bandung), 5 peserta (untuk lokasi Surabaya, Bali, Batam dan Lombok)


Rp. 10.000.000,-/peserta


  • Modul Handout
  • Sertifikat
  • 2x Coffee Break/day
  • Lunch/day
  • Souvenir